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  • Locations: Kyoto, Japan
  • Program Terms:  
  • Restrictions: Illinois applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Program Description:
The studio project this semester has a site in Kyoto. In order for the students to visit the site and get familiar of the architectural and urban culture of Japan, the studio of eleven students will travel to Japan and spend one week there to have firsthand experience. Students will have multiple ways to record these experiences which will be implemented directly in their studio design project.

Feb 03 Sa O’Hare 10:30 Meeting at United International check-in counter
13:10 United Airlines UA881 leaves
04 Su Haneda /Tokyo 17:45 Arrive Exchange JR Passes and get reserved seat tickets.
Tokyo 19:00 Taxis to the hotel
20:30 Lodging: Hotel Monterey Akasaka
Minato-ku Akasaka 4-9-24, 107-0052, Tokyo. All for 3 nights
Tel: +81 3 3401 7111 Reservation: 422.701.3670

21:00? Dinner on your own, plenty of eateries nearby if you need it.
05 M Tokyo 80:00 Breakfast in the hotel
09:00 Imperial Palace (walk around)
Marunouchi city then walk to
Tokyo International Forum, 1996 (Rafael Vinoly) Free entry
Ginza: walk through Ginza-dori Ave. Great in the night w/lights
Ginza Subway Station, 2020 (Nikken Sekkei Ltd)
Ginza Subway line to Asakusa stn.
Asakusa Visitors Center, 2012 (Kengo Kuma) a little to west
Asakusa Kannon Temple (next to the Center), a little far north
13:00 Lunch on your own plenty of eateries in the Omotesando area
Omotesando Area 1 (walk down Omotesando Ave north)
One Omotesando, 2004 (Kengo Kuma), see as you walk along
Hugo Boss, 2014 (Norihiko Dan), see as you walk along
TOD’S, 2004 (Toyo Ito), see as you walk along
Louis Vuitton, 2002 (Jun Aoki), see as you walk along
Omotesando Hills, 2006 (Tadao Ando). Free entry
DIOR, 2004 (SANAA), see as you walk along.
GYRE Omotesando, 2008 (MVRDV). Free entry.
1964 Olympic Stadia, 1964 (Tange) only from the outside
Meiji Shrine Museum, 2019 (Kuma). Entry: ¥1,000
Meiji Shrine, 1920 (Chuta Ito). Free entry
-- Free time –
Lodging: Hotel Monterey Akasaka

06 Tu Tokyo 08:00 Breakfast in the hotel
09:00 Omotesando Area 2 (walk down Omotesando Ave south)
Prada, 2003 (Herzog & deMeuron), see as you walk along.
From 1st, 1976 (Kazumasa Yamashita) go see the courtyard.
Collezione, 1991 (Tadao Ando) See also inside the courtyard.
10:00 Nezu Art Museum, Café, Garden, 2009 (Kengo Kuma), a must.
Sunny Hills Japan, 2013 (Kengo Kuma). See inside & have tea.
Spiral, 1985 (Fumihiko Maki). Free entry.
14:00 Visit Kuma’s office with host Balázs Bognár, Partner in KKAA
15:30 Shibuya
Scramble Square Bldg. 2019 (Nikken Sekkei Ltd. + K. Kuma)
“Shibuya Sky”, the 47F Observation Deck: Entry: ¥2,200
Hikarie Building, 2012 (Nikken Sekkei Ltd.). Free entry.
-- Free time --
Lodging: Hotel Monterey Akasaka
07 W Tokyo 08:00 Breakfast in the hotel
10:00 Taxis to Tokyo Station 11:33 Hikari 641 Super Express (you can buy box lunch on the train) We can see Mt. Fuji from the train after about 45 mins.
Kyoto 14:12 arrive
Kyoto Station, 1997 (Hiroshi Hara). See the large atrium free.
14:45 Subway to Karasuma-Oike Stn (the third stop) to hotels
15:20 Check into the hotels and get settled.
17:00 ACE Hotel, 2020 (Kengo Kuma). See the lobby inside: free.
TIME’S Building, 1984 (Tadao Ando)
Ponto-cho (a narrow pedestrian lane) in the night, it is great!!
– Free time --
Lodging: Prof. xxxxx & Prof. Bognar: ACE Hotel Kyoto (by K. Kuma)
245-2 Kurumaya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8185
Tel: +81 75 229 9001. Reservation: 402.274.8662.
2 Deluxe King Rooms Non-Smoking for 4 nights. 322 sqft
Prof. XX
Prof. B. Bognar Students: Hotel Tokyu Stay Kyoto Sanjo-Karasuma
392 Kakimoto-cho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8173 w/breakfast
Tel: +81 75 221 0109. Reservation: 417.702.8413

08 Th Kyoto 08:00 Breakfast in the hotel
09:00 Gion Shirakawa Shinbashi-dori (street w/ traditional bldgs.)
Shinmonzen Hotel, 2020 (Tadao Ando), See only from outside.
National Museum, 1986 (Fumihiko Maki). Lobby is free.
Kyocera Museum of Art, 1933 (Kenjiro Maeda). See fr. outside extension, 2020 (Jun Aoki) across from Maki’s bldg. PROJECT SITE at Keihan-Sanjo Stn. spend some time here.
Heian-jingu Shrine (& Gardens), 1895 (Chuta Ito). Free entry.
13:00 Lunch on your own
14:00 Walk east
pm Nanzenji Zen Temple and Gardens, 1400 & 1611 Entry: ¥600
Aqueduct nearby (built in Meiji Era of 1868-1912)
Philosophers’ walk (30 mins), a must see.
Ginkaku-ji Zen Temple and Gardens, 1482 Entry: ¥500
Taxis to hotels
-- Free time --
Lodging: ACE Hotel (faculty)
Hotel Tokyu Stay Kyoto Sanjo-Karasuma (students)
09 F Kyoto 07:00 Breakfast in the hotel
08:00 Taxi to Ryoanji Temple
08:30 Ryoanji Zen Temple and Rock Garden, ~1499. Entry: ¥500
opens at 8:30 am.
Taxis to
Kinkaku-ji Zen Temple (Golden Pavilion) + Gardens, 1397. Entrance: ¥500
Taxis to
Garden of Fine Arts, 1994 (Tadao Ando). Entrance: ¥100
pm Subway to
International Conference Hall, 1966 (Sachio Otani). Free
Subway back to the hotels
-- Free time --
Lodging: ACE Hotel (faculty)
Hotel Tokyu Stay Kyoto Sanjo-Karasuma
10 Sa Kyoto 07:00 Breakfast in the hotel
08:00 Taxis to Kiyomizu-zaka iriguchi
08:30 Kiyomizu-zaka, the scenic roads leading up to the Temple.
Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple, 778 & 1633. Entry: ¥400
12:00 Lunch on your own
13:00 Walk to
Chishinkan of National Museum, 2014 (Yoshio Yaniguchi)
Entry: ¥260 for students ¥520 adults
Sanjusangen-do Temple, 1164, rebuilt after a fire). Entry: ¥600 with 1001 gilded statues of Kannon. No photos inside.
15:30 Taxis to the
Bamboo Forest
Short walk back to
16:30 Fukuda Art Museum, 2019 (Koichi Yasuda). Entry: ¥1,500
Boutique Hotel, 2022 (Koichi Yasuda). See from outside
Taxis back to the hotels
-- Free time --
Lodging: ACE Hotel (faculty)
Hotel Tokyu Stay Kyoto Sanjo-Karasuma (students)
7:00 Breakfast in the hotel
08:00 Free time
09:45 Subway to Kyoto Station
11:08 Hikari 504 Shinkansen Super Express (buy box lunch on train)
Shinagawa/Tyo 13:35 Arrive
13:40 Lunch at the station or nearby (if you have not eaten on the train)
14:40 Train Keikyu Railways to the airport (you need tickets ¥300 = ~$2.50 or, use your PASMO Card for easy access Haneda Airp. 15:00 Terminal 3 (international), the first stop at Haneda.
18:25 United Air UA 882
O’Hare Airp. 15:10 arrive (the same day of Feb. 11)                      

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.