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About My Study Abroad

The University of Illinois uses a platform called “My Study Abroad” to house program information, applications, and communicate with you about deadlines and program requirements. All programs, regardless of sponsor, can be found in My Study Abroad. Each program title begins with an acronym that designates its sponsoring unit.  All of the programs within My Study Abroad have been pre-approved by the university. Utilize this online search to explore program options and find one that aligns with your interests and goals.
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Program Types

Exchange Program

Illinois has a number of exchange programs with partner universities around the world. Exchange programs are often cost effective for students as they involve the reciprocal movement of students between Illinois and our institutional partners abroad.

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Direct Enroll Program

Illinois also offers a number of direct enroll programs, which offer the same level of support as an exchange program but do not have reciprocal movement of students. This may result in higher costs as compared to exchange programs.

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Provider Program

Illinois collaborates with other organizations that offer study abroad programs to students from any institution. A provider program may be sponsored by another college or university, a nonprofit organization, a for-profit business, or a consortium. Provider programs are often the most costly option, but usually offer orientations, academic excursions, and/or on-site support.

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Customized Short-Term Program

Customized short-term programs are interdisciplinary and course-based. Customized short-term programs are led by a faculty member(s), who are often the instructor for the course as well. Usually, though not always, these programs are brief in duration and take place during academic breaks.

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