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About My Study Abroad

This online platform is called “My Study Abroad” and is used to house program information, applications, program requirements, and deadlines. All programs that have been approved by the university can be found in My Study Abroad. Utilize this online search to explore program options and find one that aligns with your interests and goals.

Search for Programs

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Use the "Program Discovery" to search for keywords in the program title and brochure page. Use the "Advanced Search" to narrow programs by parameters, such as region, term, housing, internship opportunities, etc. Use the "List All" search to see a comprehensive list of all approved university study abroad programs.

Program Types

Utilize this Program Type resource to understand how the program type will affect duration, cost, instructors, on-site support, housing, and courses.


The majority of programs are open to all students regardless of major or college. However, some programs are only open students in specific colleges. In My Study Abroad, those programs are labeled with the college acronym (ex. ACES, BUS, ENG, FAA, LAS, etc.).

Exchange Program

Exchange programs involve the reciprocal exchange of students between our university and a partner institution abroad.

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Direct Enroll Program

Direct Enroll programs refer to students from our university who enroll directly as non-degree seeking international students at a partner institution abroad.

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Provider Program

Providers are organizations (colleges or universities, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, or consortiums) that offer education abroad programs and services to students from a variety of institutions.

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Customized Short-Term Program

Customized short-term programs are university courses that are led and taught by either Illinois faculty or professional staff. Traditionally, these programs are brief in duration and take place during academic breaks.

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