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  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Program Description:
Barcelona International Workshop _ Fall 22_ Prof. Bartumeus (Architecture)

ARCH-574E1: DESIGNING HINGES _ Stitching urban landscapes in Moncada i Reixac 
September 25th - October 2nd (Sep. 24 & Oct. 3 are traveling days)
Workshop Coordinator and Organizer
 Prof. Sara Bartumeus (ISoA, UIUC)
Workshop Co-organizers
 Prof. Enric Batlle (Head MBLandArch), Prof. Eulàlia Gómez (ETSAP Head of International Relations)
Workshop Faculty & Chaperones:
Prof. Sara Bartumeus (ISoA, UIUC) | Prof. Panita Karamanea (MBLandArch, UPC) | Prof. Marta Ines Cot (MBLandArch, UPC)
ETSAB_ Barcelona School of Architecture
Students must enroll in ARCH 574
Students from ISoA will travel to Barcelona for a one-week Joint Intensive Workshop where they will work together with MBLandArch students at UPC in the same urban landscape project and site in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.
Students in Europe and in the US will intersect and work together in mixed and multidisciplinary teams (Architecture and Landscape Architecture) in this Intensive International Workshop to:
a) be able to experience and learn from the site in person;
b) get a close insight on Barcelona’s architectural and landscape design culture, and
c) have the opportunity to engage and interact with practitioners, city technicians and communities in situ.
This in person workshop will even increase the highly successful pedagogical experience both programs had with the Joint Intensive Workshop held online in Spring 2020, which granted myself with the 2021 FAA Excellence in Teaching Award.
Topic & Site
The Barcelona International Intensive workshop aims to redesign spaces generated by mobility infrastructures to restore the disrupted continuities between people and its urban and natural landscapes.  
As previous Studios of mine, the course focuses on designing fabrics and public spaces to reconnect segregated neighborhoods and urban and landscape fabrics, tackling on social and urban sustainability, and on landscape identity and collective memory aspects.
The project selection is the result of the partnership between MBLandArch | UPC and AMB (Area Metropolitana de Barcelona).  Thus, the course has the opportunity to participate in the discussions and in the making of the landscape design strategies for a real project currently under study aiming to promote the integral and sustainable development of cities in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.  
Through invited lectures, project discussions and participatory exercises, students and professors will reflect on the increasing complexity of public space and the agency and roles of the disciplines that design it. Urbanists, architects and landscape architects–from policy-makers to practitioners and academics–will bring some light to these new spatial-functional and disciplinary scenarios in the lectures that will be provided to the students during the workshop. 
Estimated Costs
$1,600 per student aprox. (Covered by ISOA). This includes:
_Flight to and from Barcelona, Spain
_Youth Hostal Accommodations
Costs not covered: Meals, Academic Supplies, Visas (where applicable)
See Budget for other fees
24th  Saturday Traveling day
25th  Sunday
09:00-14:00.      Arrival to Bcn + check in hostel
14:00-15:00.      Lunch break
15:00-18:30.      Barcelona architecture and public space travelling workshop
26th  Monday
09:00-14:00.      Barcelona architecture and public space travelling workshop
14:00-15:00.      Lunch break
15:00-18:30.      Barcelona architecture and public space travelling workshop
27th  Tuesday
09:00-14:00.      Barcelona architecture and public space travelling workshop
14:00-15:00.      Lunch break
15:00-18:30.      Participation in La Mercè Cultural Festival activities
28th  Wednesday 
Intensive Workshop Session 1
09:00-10:00.      Instructors’ introduction
10:00-11:00.      Institutional welcome: Presentation BCN’s workshop 2020.
Enric Batlle. Director of MBLandArch |
11:00-12:00.      AMB presentation. Noemí Martinez + Virginia Díaz. AMB.
12:00-13:00.      Students’ introduction & Teams’ organization
13:00-15:00.      Lunch break & going to the site (Montcada I Reixac) by public transportation
Intensive Workshop Session 2
15:00-19:30.      The 4 Trace Concepts: Discovering the site
29th  Thursday
Intensive Workshop Session 3
09:00-14:00       Site Analysis (work in teams)
14:00-15:00.      Lunch break
Intensive Workshop Session 4
15:00-19:30.      Site Analysis development / Personal Cartography (work in team+ guest lecture)
30th  Friday
Intensive Workshop Session 5
09:00-14:00       Personal Cartography development (work in teams + guest lecture)
14:00-15:00.      Lunch break
Intensive Workshop Session 6
15:00-19:30.      Personal Cartography presentation
31st  Saturday
Intensive Workshop Session 7
09:00-14:00       Design strategies | Masterplan (work in teams)
14:00-15:00.      Lunch break
Intensive Workshop Session 8
15:00-19:30.      Design strategies | Masterplan development
2nd  Sunday
Intensive Workshop Session 9
              10:00-14:00       Final presentation with guest reviewers
              14:00                  Closing lunch
              15:00                  Free afternoon
3rd  Monday_ Traveling day

FA 22 Architecture International Studio Budget for Students.xlsx

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.