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Engineering: Summer in France-ISAE-Aviation Program(AERO)
Toulouse, France (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Summer
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Language of Instruction:
English, French
Language Requirement:
Illinois Sponsor:
Credit or Not for Credit:
For credit
Foreign Institution:
The ISAE-Institut Superieur de l?Aeronautique et de l?Espace
Program Description:


Program Overview
The ISAE-Institut Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace Aviation Summer Program will provide students with an overall knowledge of aeronautics fundamentals, as viewed from a European point of view  The contents include scientific and technical courses, but also general conferences and visits to aeronautical and historical sites.
Quick Links
Program Specific Information
General Study Abroad Information
The City of Toulouse
Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France, sporting a population of 700,000 and continuing to grow.  It is also the capital of the large Midi-Pyrénées region, and is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 km from the Pyrenean mountains and 730 km from Paris.
A dynamic city, known as the “pink city” because of the pinky color of its bricks, Toulouse is renowned for its excellence in the fields of aeronautics, space, electronics, information technology, biotechnology, health and food processing, all of which contribute to make Toulouse and its region highly competitive.
Toulouse is an important university town, with over 110,000 students at its 3 universities and 14 Grandes Ecoles. Toulouse and its region are also rich in history and culture, with a large choice of museums, theatres, circus, cultural events and productions. [Read More]
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Academic Environment
Where you will study
The ISAE is a key player in higher education and research for aerospace engineering in Europe.
Leading aerospace training and research center, the ISAE offers two general high-level multi-discipline scientific and technological master of science level programs: the SUPAERO and ENSICA graduate programs.
The two campuses are located in the very heart of Toulouse. This means that students can very easily balance studies, social life, sports and leisure activities from day to day.
The SUPAERO campus:
  • nearly 1,000 students on a 22-hectare campus that runs alongside the Canal du Midi
  • extensive sports facilities: swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, gymnasium, sports pitches, climbing wall; the banks of the Canal du Midi are just a short stroll away
  • student residences: 500 places on the campus; on-site catering.
The ENSICA campus:
  • located close to the center of Toulouse and accessible in less than five minutes by metro
  • nearly 500 students on an eight-hectare campus
  • extensive sports facilities: tennis courts, gymnasium, sports pitches; the banks of the Canal du Midi are just a short stroll away
  • student residences: more than 350 places on the campus; on-site catering. [Read More]
Student Life
Living in the heart of the city and the Midi-Pyrénées region enables students to appreciate this unique environment which you can enjoy while preparing your future. On the cultural and festive side, Toulouse, its art of living, its museums, theatres, festivals, cinemas, without forgetting its pubs and night clubs, are easily accessible by public transport. Student life in the "pink city" is particularly rich in events and attractions. [Read More]
This is a 6 week program in which the first 4 weeks will be spent in Toulouse, 1 week in Poitiers and two 4-day field trips to Biarritz and Paris. 
Courses and visits are performed in English. In addition 'French for beginners' classes will be provided to the students.
The program is tailored for undergraduate students in Aviation/Aerospace, Juniors or Seniors who have a solid background knowledge in aeronautics and/or space sciences. A good background in general sciences is expected.
For a listing of courses offered that already have Illinois equivalencies, please click here.

Note: As a study abroad participant through a University of Illinois approved program, once you are accepted, you will be required to go through a Course Approval Process, during which the courses you plan on taking abroad will be evaluated by a 299 Advisor for Illinois credit (that can then be used to fulfill major, minor, general education, or elective credit). Details about this process will be provided once you are accepted to a program.
All classes in this program will be taught in French and English.
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Onsite Support
Each exchange program offered through the College of Engineering utilizes an on-site coordinator.
International Student Office
The international student office assists students with local issues (from classes to accommodation) and may host social gatherings throughout the semester.


Students will live in student housing with breakfast and lunch being provided on weekdays only.
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Credit will be given for courses taken abroad with prior approval of the student’s advisor and the IPENG office.  Credit earned abroad can be transferred to UIUC and used to satisfy curriculum requirements as approved.
College of Engineering students can earn the following credit by participating in the summer program at ISAE:
  • 4 hrs AE tech elect
  • 4 hrs western humanities
If credit is used toward the International Minor, 4 hrs will count toward the “Other” requirement.

Program fulfills the residency requirement of the International Minor.


Students must have completed the basic engineering requirements, show a strong commitment to academic achievement, and be in good standing with the College of Engineering.  Completion of AE321 OR AE323 AND AE311 AND AE312 are required for participation in this program.
Eligible applicants will be reviewed and accepted on a first-come, first serve basis of completion of all application materials in the pre-acceptance phase of the application.

Returned Study Abroad Student Reflections
Student Experiences
Engineering students returning from a program abroad (winterbreak, summer, semester or even academic year) write about their experiences to provide students a firsthand knowledge of their thoughts and activities while they were away.  The following website will provide you both written and PowerPoint versions of experiences of students abroad – whether on an IPENG program or campus related program.  ( )
Contact former Study Abroad students
Having trouble deciding on a location? Unsure about what to pack, or which classes to take? Send an email to someone who has been there! Our returnees love talking about their time abroad, so send them an email!
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Additional Program Resources
Before You Leave
The “preparing to go”  section on our website provides you with information on what to pack, money abroad, transportation, communicating with family members while abroad, and even what to do the day of your departure. ( )
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Application Process
Dates and Deadlines
All requirements must be completed by the Study Abroad Office deadlines posted on the brochure page: online materials are due by 11:59 PM on the deadline date; paper materials are due by 4:45 PM the following business day.
Summer Programs
Deadlines: February 15
How to Apply 
Please click the Apply Now button (found at the top-right of this page) to apply. Note that you will be charged a non-refundable $50 application fee by clicking Apply Now and logging in.
This program has a two-step application process:
Step 1.) The Study Abroad Application which includes:
  • Letter of Recommendation (if applicable) - done electronically (must be an academic advisor, TA or professor)
  • Personal essay questions
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Signature verification form
  • Official Transcript (prefer a hard copy transcript)
  • Online questionnaires
If you are nominated by the International Programs in Engineering Office based on your application in Step 1, you will then be notified to submit a host-university application to the ISAE-Institut Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace. Your study abroad advisor will provide you with additional information, and supplemental application instructions will follow.
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Who Can Apply?
  • Engineering students who have met the basic eligibility requirements listed above may apply for this program.
Contact Information
International Programs in Engineering (IPENG)
1308 West Green St.
210 Engineering Hall
Urbana, IL 61801
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  

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Program Cost and Advance Fees
For an Unofficial Budget of this program, please scroll to the top of this page and find the box labeled “Budget Sheets,” and click on the semester during which you want to participate. Please read through the Unofficial Budget information, which also includes information on Financial Aid, and Scholarships.
All students should be aware that once they are accepted and commit to a program, they will be charged the non-refundable processing fee.
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Financial Aid and Scholarships
Because this program is sponsored by the University of Illinois, financial aid can be applied to the cost of the program. The amount of financial aid that is applicable to study abroad will depend on your financial aid package. Since there are many variables that determine how your financial aid package applies to study abroad, it is best that you consult with a financial aid advisor in the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss your individual financial aid package. 
In addition to financial aid, there are other alternatives to funding your time abroad. Click here to learn more about our over $850,000 in scholarship opportunities. One scholarship that everyone is eligible for is the Illinois for Illinois (I4I) Scholarship. For more information, click 
Interested UIUC Engineering students may also want to receive the International Engineering Fellowship to help with airfare.  Check the IPENG website for further information on eligibility and guidelines for the fellowship.  ( )  Application deadlines are very strict for this fellowship.  Only students planning to study abroad during a current application cycle may apply.
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Health, Safety, Pre-Departure
Pre-Departure Activities 
All students are required to attend all Pre-Departure Activities the semester before their term abroad. The exact dates, times, and location will be given to students post-acceptance so that they can arrange for their attendance at the activity(ies). Topics such as Culture Shock, health and safety scenarios, and other helpful pre-departure information will be presented. This is also a really great opportunity to talk about packing, meet other classmates on a program, and talk to returnees who have already been to the host country.  Check the IPENG Calendar for upcoming dates. 
Health and Safety
The health and safety of students abroad is something that the University of Illinois takes very seriously, which is why the Study Abroad Office provides services that range from international insurance coverage to a 24-hour phone line to speak to an Advisor on Duty. These services can be found on our website:

Additionally, students are required to sign off on a Health and Safety Orientation , and are encouraged to read through the Safety and Security section of our website which includes topics from road safety and keeping your valuables and money safe, to nontraditional student identities while abroad.  This link includes information on our 24-hour Emergency service, Health Matters, Insurance, and Safety and Security
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Passport/Visa Information
You must have a valid passport to participate on this program. If you do not already have a passport, or if it needs to be renewed, you must begin that process now, even before program acceptance. 
You may also be required to get a visa for your program.  Please consult the host country’s consulate website or a visa agency to determine whether or not a visa is required to travel to your destination country or countries. (

Withdrawal, Change, and Cancellation Policy
To change to a different program during the application process, please visit this link (

To withdraw from a program after committing to participation, please visit this link to view the Withdrawal and Refund Policy ( )
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Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2017 02/15/2017
02/15/2017 06/02/2017 07/13/2017
Summer 2018 02/15/2018 02/15/2018 TBA TBA

Indicates that deadline has passed