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LAS/SAO Course Abroad: Global Studies, GLBL 298: Globalization & Social Inequalities in Segregated Cape Town, South Africa (winter)
Cape Town, South Africa
Program Terms: Winter Break
This program is currently not accepting applications.
Restrictions: Illinois applicants only
Budget Sheets Winter Break
Fact Sheet:
 Language of Instruction:
 Language Requirement:
 Illinois Sponsor:
LAS, Study Abroad Office (campus-wide)
 Credit or Not for Credit:
For credit
Program Description:
GLBL 298
Globalization and Social Inequalities in Segregated Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa

Winter Faculty-Led Program Abroad
Sponsored by: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Study Abroad Office

On Campus Class Meetings: Begin 2nd 8 weeks of Fall 2014 term. Wednesdays from 5-8 pm in 19 Temple Buell Hall.
Program Dates Abroad:  January 2 - 18, 2015

Application Deadline: September 15, 2014

cape town Course Description
Program Eligibility
Program Logistics
Additional Resources
Application Information
Program Fee
Scholarship Opportunities
Withdrawal, Change of Program, or Cancellation Policies
Passport/Visa Information
Contact Information
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Course Description

In this course, students will explore the City of Cape Town, South Africa, as the socio-economically segregated space produced by historically symbolic and material conflicts between its rich and poor inhabitants over access to resources and opportunities for social property and power.  They will experience resident-led walking tours and engage in cross-cultural debates with urban socially poor people to explore how they appropriate and reclaim official spaces such as temporary resettlement areas and urban parks. Students will produce a map of contested public spaces as current sites of struggle, and write a review essay on the relation between segregated urban space and social hierarchies of race, class and gender.

kidsGroup Flight: As part of the Program Fee, the SAO will organize a group flight for this course, as long as there are more than 10 participants. All group flights will be departing from and arriving at O'Hare Airport. Very few exceptions are made for opting out of the group flight.
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Program Eligibility
Application Requirements:  Illinois undergraduates and graduate students
Language of Instruction: English
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This course is worth 3 credits.  
On campus meetings: Begin 2nd 8 weeks of Fall 2014 semester. Wednesdays from 5-8 pm in 19 Temple Buell Hall. 
Program Dates: Jan. 2 - 18, 2015
Cape Town Tentative Syllabus - 2011-12 syllabus

*Program dates and fees are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations and the number of participants.
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Program Logistics
Housing: Double rooms with other program participants in safe and secure hotels/hostels in Cape Town, incl. Highbury and Devonshire Houses of Riverview Lodge
Meals: Most meals per day are included in the program fee. Students will be responsible for any meals/drinks beyond the included meals. 

Major Transportation: As part of the Program Fee, the Study Abroad Office will organize a group flight for this course as long as there are more then 10 participants. The group flight is MANDATORY. All group flights will be departing from and arriving at Chicago O'Hare Airport. 
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Additional Resources

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Application Information
Application Process
Apply for this program through the Study Abroad Office. In order to determine if program expenses will be Financial Aid eligible, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 217-333-0100 as soon as possible. All participants are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures of the University of Illinois Study Abroad Office. 
Click the "Apply Now" button on this web page to apply. Note that you will be charged a non-refundable $25 application fee by clicking "Apply Now."
You may apply to only one program per term. Please consider your program options carefully before beginning a new program application, as you will be charged a non-refundable $25 application fee each time you begin a new program application by clicking "Apply Now."
Application Components
Program applications vary. This particular facylty-led course abroad application includes:

  • An unofficial Illinois Transcript (not required for first semester Freshmen)
  • Photocopy of Passport or receipt verifying application or renewal of passport
  • 5 short-answer essay questions
  • Online questionnaires and online signature documents
  • Note: NO letters of recommendations are required for this program.
Applications and supporting documents must be submitted by the deadlines established by the Study Abroad Office for timely review. The Study Abroad Office reviews program applications as a batch after the deadline has passed. The decision dates listed below indicate the earliest possible date that a student's application may be reviewed. Most decisions will be released two to three weeks after each deadline.
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Program Fees

If the Study Abroad Office nominates or accepts you to the study abroad program you have applied for, the Study Abroad Office will bill your Illinois student account a non-refundable $305 advance fee.  This fee will be deducted from the final cost of your program fees; however, please note that this fee is not refundable should you decide to withdraw from the study abroad program.
2013-14 PROGRAM FEE: $3,805 
*Fees are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations and the number of participants.
Total cost is ESTIMATED and is BEFORE scholarships.
Program Fee Includes: Round-trip airfare (Chicago - Cape Town), airport transfers, housing and meals, orientation programs, program excursions, and international health insurance
Program Fee Does NOT Include: Personal expenses while abroad (est. $400) and passport/visa fees (if applicable) (est. $110-$135). These are off budget costs that are estimated and will be expenses that come out of your own pocket. 

2014-15 TOTAL including off-budget expenses and program fee: TBD
2013-14 TOTAL including off-budget expenses and program fee: $3,967
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Scholarship Opportunities

All students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences receive a scholarship ($300-$1,000) toward the program cost.  The amount varies depending on the program destination. Non-LAS students should contact their college about scholarship opportunities.

All participants should also apply for the Illinois (I4I) Study Abroad Undergraduate Scholarship.  For more information, click here.  If you are a non-LAS student, be sure to contact your college about any possible scholarship opportunities.

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Withdrawal Policy
All withdrawals must be made by email to the Study Abroad Office. Online withdrawals without emails may result in extra charges. Withdrawal by 5:00 pm on September 15, 2014 loses only the $25 application fee. Withdrawal after having been accepted to the program loses the $305 advance payment. After committing to the program, the student is responsible for all costs incurred.

Change Policy 
To change an application, an applicant must withdraw from the original application and start another one. Such withdrawals will lose the original $25 application fee. To avoid confusion and double charges, all changes should be accompanied by an email to the Study Abroad Office.

Cancellation Policy
If a student is denied, they lose only the $25 application fee. If the University of Illinois cancels a program, the student loses the application fee but will receive a full refund of the advance payment and any other billed expenses.
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Passport/Visa Information

You must have a valid passport to participate on this program. If you do not already have a passport, or if it needs to be renewed, you must begin that process now, even before program acceptance.

You may also be required to get a visa for your program (no visa is required for U.S. citizens). Please consult the host country’s consulate website or a visa agency to determine whether or not a visa is required to travel to your destination country or countries.

To view more information on passports and visas, please click here.

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Contact Information

For any questions you may have or for more detailed information on the program, please contact the faculty leader, Ken Salo or Adam Heinz in the Study Abroad Office (SAO).  The SAO is located at:
910 S. Fifth Street
124 International Studies Building
Champaign, IL 61820

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:45pm.  We are closed on holidays and when classes are not in session.


Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Winter Break 2013-2014 09/15/2013 
09/16/2013 01/03/2014 01/17/2014

Indicates that deadline has passed
This program is currently not accepting applications.