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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Program Description:


Program Overview
Recently named "European City of the Year" and home to the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art, Bilbao is a bustling city in Basque Country in the north of Spain. While studying in Bilbao, students will explore the fascinating historical, linguistic, and cultural dynamic of Basque Country and discover all of the attractions of the most populous city in the Basque County. Throughout the year, the city hosts art exhibitions, music festivals, theater shows, traditional festivities, and sports events. Its beautiful landscape of forests, mountains, beaches, and steep coasts as well as its excellent cuisine will make a lasting impression on your experience in Bilbao. Basque Country is also where several scenes from the famous television show "Game of Thrones" were filmed. Visit Gaztelugatxe to the north of Bilbao to see Dragonstone, the ancient seat of House Targaryen, for yourself.

Students participating in this program will take courses in Spanish and/or English with other international students and Spanish students. A majority of the courses offered on this program are pre-approved by the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, the Department of Economics, and the College of Business. Global Studies students may also find courses to fulfill their degree requirements on this program.

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You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate in this program:

  • Good Academic Standing
  • Minimum 2.50 Cumulative GPA 

Dates & Deadlines

All requirements must be completed by the Illinois Abroad Office deadlines: online materials are due by 11:59 PM on the deadline date.
*See official deadlines at the bottom of this page.

Program Costs, Financial Aid, & Scholarships
Program-specific costs are available through the "Budget Sheets" link at the top of this page. For more information about financial aid and scholarships for study abroad, click here.

Students will take courses through CIDE - Centro Internacional de Español - at the Universidad de Deusto. The University of Deusto is located in the heart of the city, across from the Guggenheim Museum. The two buildings face each other, making the bond between tradition and progress a reality. The University of Deusto has been an academic pioneer in Spain, and its business school, founded in 1916, is still one of the most prestigious academic institutions for business in Spain. Class sizes on this program may vary, but can range between 10 and 25 students per class.
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CIDE offers three distinct program tracks - (1) Spanish Language and Culture; (2) Business, International Relations, and Spanish; (3) Engineering, Business, and Spanish. Many courses are shared by the three program tracks and can be taken regardless of which one you choose. Semester students also have the option of directly enrolling in the undergraduate departments at the Universidad de Deusto and taking classes taught in Spanish or English with local students in the following academic areas: Law, Pyschology, Education, Business, Engineering, Communication, Tourism, and International Relations. Summer students must choose between the Spanish Language and Culture and the Business, International Relations and Spanish program tracks. 

Students take 12-18 credits during the semester and 6-7 during the summer. The following courses have been pre-approved for this program:

Course Title Term Offered Illinois Equivalent
 Elementary Spanish I/II/III  FA/SP  SPAN 102/103/141
 Intermediate Spanish I/II/III  FA/SP  SPAN 103/141/199
 Advanced/High Advanced Spanish   FA/SP  SPAN 204/299
 Advanced/High Advanced Composition  FA/SP  SPAN 228/299
 Advanced/High Advanced Conversation  FA/SP  SPAN 208/299
 Academic Spanish  SP  SPAN 299
 Culture, Politics, and Economy in Cont. Span. Society  FA/SP  SPAN 320/ECON 2--
 Basque Culture and Language  FA/SP  SPAN 299
 Spanish Through Gastronomy  FA/SP  SPAN 199
 Spanish Through Drama  FA/SP  SPAN 299
 Business Spanish  FA/SP  SPAN 202
 Europe in the World  FA/SP  SPAN 399/ECON 1--/PS 3--
 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics  FA/SP  SPAN 252
 Intro to Analysis of Hispanic Literature  FA/SP  SPAN 250
 Survey of Spanish Literature  FA  SPAN 312
 Spanish Cinema and Literature  SP  SPAN 312/320
 Spanish I  SU  SPAN 102
 Spanish II  SU  SPAN 103
 Spanish III  SU  SPAN 141/199
 Spanish IV  SU  SPAN 204/299
 Culture and Politics in Cont. Spain  SU  SPAN 320
 Spain in Europe  SU  SPAN 399
 Intro to Hispanic Literature  SU  SPAN 200
 Advanced Spanish Conversation  SU  SPAN 208
 20th Century Spanish Literature  SU  SPAN 312
 Adv. Spanish Grammar, Comp., and Translation  SU  SPAN 252

Course Title Term Offered Illinois Equivalent
 International Financial Systems   FA/SP  FIN 3--/ECON 3--
 International Marketing  FA/SP  BADM 382
 Economy of the European Union  FA/SP  BADM 3--/ECON 4--
 Transatlantic Relations: USA and EU  FA/SP  BADM 3--/ECON 2--
 International Business  FA/SP/SU  BADM 380
 Organizational Behavior  FA/SP  BADM 311
 Sport's Management: European Football  FA/SP  PENDING
 Business Internship  FA/SP  ECON 2-- (ECON majors only)
 Spain's Society and Economy in the EU  SU  BADM 3--
 Spanish for Business and Intl. Relations  SU  BADM 3--
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Students participating in the semester program have three housing options: host family, residence hall, and shared apartment. The host family is generally the best opportunity for improving Spanish language skills and gaining insight into Spanish family life. Host families will only communicate in Spanish, so students interested in this option should have a strong command of the language. The host family and residence hall options include three meals a day. Students living in a shared apartment will provide for and prepare their own meals.

Students participating in the summer program have two housing options: host family or residence hall. Please note: there are no Spanish students living in residence halls during summer, so students mainly live with international students.

To learn more about the housing options available on this program, click here.
Student Experience

On-Site Support:
The CIDE staff organize the different aspects of the program such as orientation activities, academic advising, housing, and excursions. They will assist you from the day of your arrival until the last day of your program in Bilbao. CIDE programs include several days of orientation services and activities: airport-pick up, a welcome reception, an information session about the city, the university and the academic components, and a practical visit to Bilbao downtown and historical area. To learn more about the other services provided to students on this program, click here.

The CIDE staff will also help you find activities that suit your interests (i.e. teaching English to children, attending soccer matches, or volunteering in the community). They will provide students with information regarding the extra-curriculars organized by the University of Deusto such as the hiking group, choir, photography workshop, Basque dances, intramural sports, and faith activities.

CIDE programs include an itinerary of planned excursions to various destinations within Spain and southern France. 
Excursions are included in the program fees and include travel expenses, admission tickets, and lunch. To learn more about the excursions offered on this program, click here.
Experiential Education Opportunities:
Internship opportunities are available during the semester program in areas such as consulting, marketing, non-profits, tourism, fashion, art, education, technology, computer science, and engineering. Service-learning opportunities are also available during the semester program related to educational activities provided for children or teenagers from underprivileged social backgrounds.

Company visit opportunities are available during the summer program for students participating in the business program track. In the past, students have visited companies such as Mondragom Cooperative Society, Biskay Technology Park, Idom Engineering Services, and Marqués del Riscal Wineries. 

To learn more about the experiential education opportunities available on this program, click here


Application Process
Please click the Apply Now button (at the top of this page) to apply. Note that you will be charged a non-refundable $100 Study Abroad Systems Fee by clicking Apply Now.

Step 1) Complete the IAGE application, which includes:
  • Academic recommendation (completed online by an academic advisor, TA, or professor)
  • Personal statement
  • Passport photocopy 
  • Official electronic transcript (eSCRIP)
  • Online questionnaires 
Only application requirements for Step 1) must be turned in by the deadlines listed below.
Step 2) The host university application, (TO BE COMPLETED AFTER YOU ARE NOMINATED BY AN ADVISOR IN STEP 1):
  • If you are nominated by Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange based on your application from Step 1), you will then submit a second application to CIDE, Universidad de Deusto. Your study abroad advisor will provide you with additional information, and supplemental application instructions will follow.
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Resources & Contact Information

First Steps Workshops:
Just getting started? Click here for the dates and times of the First Steps Workshops.
Walk-In Advising Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:45 PM
Illinois Abroad Advising and Resource Center (112 International Studies Building)

Program Advisor:
Clair Bryan

Mailing Address:
Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange
910 South Fifth Street
124 International Studies Building
Champaign, IL 61820

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Application Deadlines & Program Dates

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring Semester 2018 09/15/2017
09/23/2017 01/09/2018 05/16/2018
Academic Year 2018-2019 02/15/2018
02/15/2018 TBA TBA
Summer 2018 02/15/2018
02/20/2018 06/22/2018 07/26/2018
Fall Semester 2018 02/15/2018
02/20/2018 09/03/2018 12/19/2018
Spring Semester 2019 09/15/2018 09/16/2018 TBA TBA

Indicates that deadline has passed