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I4I Scholarship
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Winter Study Tour
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Illinois for Illinois (I4I) Study Abroad Scholarship for Undergraduates

The following information explains the I4I scholarship and the application processes and guidelines.  Please read this information before beginning your application.

I4I is funded by University of Illinois undergraduates for University of Illinois undergraduates through a fee of $4.59 per semester.  The I4I Scholarship fund awards approximately $125,000 per semester to 130-150 students.

Prior to academic year 2012-13, the study abroad scholarship fee was refundable.  Due to a campus policy in effect Fall semester 2012, the study abroad scholarship fee (like all student fees) is non-refundable and is assessed to each undergraduate student's account each semester. 

Please note that the applications for IPS Scholarships and the I4I Scholarship have been separated.  They are no longer combined into one application.  If you would like to apply for the I4I Scholarship as well as the IPS Scholarships, you must fill out both applications in their entirety.

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Applying Early
Physicaly/Sensory Disabilities
Condsiderations for Awarding
Approved Study Abroad Programs
Study Abroad and Financial Aid Regulations
Withdrawing from or Changing a Program
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For study abroad programs during Winter 2015-2016, Spring 2016, and Calendar Year 2016 (Spring 2016/Fall 2016), the deadline is September15th, 2015 at 11:59 pm.  The Scholarship Committee will announce recipients for this application cycle by mid-October.

There are two I4I scholarship cycles per year, with deadlines at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters.

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To be eligible to apply for the I4I Scholarship, you must:

  1. Intend to be an enrolled, undergraduate, degree-seeking student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at the time of study abroad (international degree-seeking students ARE eligible)
  2. Meet academic requirements of your Illinois College to be eligible to study abroad
  3. Identify a study abroad program, approved by the University of Illinois, to which you intend to apply or have already applied

You may receive only one I4I Scholarship for a given study abroad program, and you may receive only one scholarship during a given scholarship cycle.   However, if you intend to participate in another study abroad program, you may apply for another I4I Scholarship in a later cycle.  You may also be selected to receive both an I4I Scholarship and an IPS Scholarship during one application cycle.

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Scholarship Categories

  • General merit.  Who qualifies:  All students, regardless of GPA.
  • Financial need.  Who qualifies:  Students who have filed a current FAFSA and are reported to have financial need.
  • Underrepresented student.  Who qualifies:  Students with documented physical and/or sensory disabilities (Must submit documentation, see A Note for Students with Physical/Sensory Disabilities below).  Students who identify primarily with Latina/o, African American, or Native American/Alaskan Native heritage. 
  • Nontraditional destination.  Who qualifies:  Students participating in study abroad programs in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or Central or Eastern Europe.  Study abroad programs in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are ineligible.

You are encouraged to apply for all eligible categories. 

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Scholarship Amounts   

  • $500 for Winter Break, Study Tour, or Summer program
  • $1,000 for Spring or Fall Semester program
  • $2,000 for Academic or Calendar Year program
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The Scholarship Application

The application consists of three Application Questionnaires and a Signature Document.

  • An Application Questionnaire for basic information about your intended study abroad program
  • An Application Questionnaire to determine categories for consideration.  (You may apply for consideration in multiple categories, but you may receive only one I4I Scholarship per application cycle.)
  • An Application Questionnaire with three essay questions (limited to 250 words each):
  1. How have your prior academic and extracurricular experiences prepared you to participate in your proposed study abroad program? If applicable, please include a discussion of any languages that you are currently taking, including the course numbers, and/or indicate the last relevant language courses you completed.
  2. What do you anticipate will be the most meaningful aspect of your time spent studying abroad?
  3. How does your study abroad program relate to your academic, career, and personal goals?
  • A Signature Document regarding the rules of the scholarship application.  This must be electronically signed for your application to be considered complete.

You must complete all of the Application Questionnaires and Signature Documents in the application.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

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Applying Early for the I4I Scholarship

You may apply for the I4I Scholarship early and defer the scholarship until you study abroad.  For example, if you intend to study abroad during Spring 2016, you may apply during the Spring 2015 application cycle.  We will hold your scholarship until you study abroad.

There are several advantages to applying early:

  • If you are not selected for a scholarship during your first application, you may apply again in subsequent cycles, until you receive a scholarship.
  • You will know if you have received a scholarship before you must commit to a program.

There may be a disadvantage to applying early:

  • Application essays are typically stronger after a student has thoroughly researched his or her targeted study abroad program and can articulate why and how that program complements his or her goals for the study abroad experience.

When you begin a scholarship application, you will be asked to select your intended study abroad term.  If you are applying early, your intended study abroad term may not yet be provided as an option.  If this is the case, please select the term closest to your intended term abroad (e.g., if Spring 2016 is not available, choose Fall 2015).  You will have the opportunity to enter the actual term you intend to study abroad within one of the Application Questionnaires.

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Reapplying for the I4I Scholarship

You may apply for the I4I Scholarship as many times as you wish during separate application cycles, but you may receive only one I4I Scholarship for a given study abroad program. 

If you choose to reapply for the I4I (either because you were not selected for a scholarship the first time or because you are participating in a second study abroad program), you must create a new application.  You cannot simply update your old application for your new study abroad term.  When asked to select your intended study abroad term at the beginning of the scholarship application, you must also choose a different term for your study abroad from the term you chose for your previous application.  

You cannot re-apply for an I4I scholarship for the same term you were denied, withdrew your application, or had an application withdrawn as incomplete. 

  • To illustrate:  If you apply early for an I4I scholarship for Spring 2016 and your application is denied or withdrawn, you cannot reapply for Spring 2016 in a later application cycle.  You must choose a different term, even if it is different from the actual term of your program.  (If you don’t select a different term, your application will not be considered for a scholarship.  This is due to limitations of the web-based software program used to create the scholarship application.) You will have the opportunity to enter the actual term you intend to study abroad within one of the Application Questionnaires.  

In order to ensure that your application is considered, each time you apply for a scholarship, you should begin a new scholarship application for a new term.  By following these instructions, you will be able to work around the technological limitations of our software and reapply for the I4I Scholarship.

If you have any questions or concerns about your scholarship application, please contact the International Scholarships Specialist at

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A Note for Students with Physical/Sensory Disabilities

Federal law protects your right to choose whether you wish to disclose your disability to the Study Abroad Scholarship Committee. If you choose not to disclose your disability, please be advised that you will not be considered for the I4I in the category of underrepresented student on the basis of disability; however, you will be considered in all other applicable categories for which you apply.

If you elect to disclose your disability in order to be considered for an I4I Scholarship in the underrepresented student category, it is your responsibility to verify your disability status by providing a letter of documentation from Disability Resources and Educational Services or from a medical professional.  This letter should be submitted by the scholarship deadline to Caroline Ewing, International Scholarships Specialist, Illinois Abroad and International Exchange, International Studies Building Room 122, MC-480, 910 S. Fifth St., Champaign, IL 61820.  Because students with other types of disabilities are not considered underrepresented populations in international education, the Study Abroad Scholarship Committee is not able to consider students with non-physical/non-sensory disabilities for awards in the underrepresented student category.

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Considerations for Awarding the I4I Scholarship

All applicants who meet eligibility requirements will be considered.  Scholarship winners will be determined based on the quality of the essay responses and the ability of the student to articulate how the program complements his/her goals.  For financial need-based consideration, the amount of financial need demonstrated by the student (as reported by the Office of Student Financial Aid) will also be considered in scholarship determination.  A slight preference will be given to students who have not previously studied abroad or received a study abroad scholarship, as well as to students participating in longer-term study abroad programs.

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Definition of Approved Study Abroad Programs

An approved study abroad program meets the following characteristics:

  • The program occurs outside the continental U.S., Hawaii, or Alaska
  • An Illinois office or department is involved in administering the program, which includes all of the following: communication with the U.S. or overseas host; familiarity with and approval of the quality of the academic, health, and well-being standards of the program; and involvement in advising about the program
  • The program is pre-approved by the student's college, including pre-approving or pre-advising about credit for the program
  • The program is listed on
  • The program is credit-bearing or related to a credit-bearing program at Illinois
  • Eligible program types include exchange, group study, faculty-led, third-party provider, direct study at a foreign institution, study abroad with internship, and independent study
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Study Abroad and Financial Aid Regulations

Please note federal regulations require that students must take and transfer back 12 or more University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign hours to be considered full-time for financial aid purposes. For more information on financial aid and studying abroad please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.

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Withdrawing From or Changing a Program

If you are selected to receive a study abroad scholarship and you withdraw from your study abroad program before the start of the program, you will be required to return the full amount of the scholarship.  If you withdraw after beginning the program, you may petition to keep a portion of the scholarship to help defray costs incurred on the program.  If for any reason you change to a program or term that was not the one for which the scholarship was awarded, the Scholarship Selection Committee will consider the following factors to determine if the scholarship may still be awarded: 1) the reason for changing programs/terms and 2) the intent of the scholarship application essay. 

It is your responsibility to notify the International Scholarship Specialist if your study plans change, and to provide a rationale describing how the new study abroad program aligns with the statement of goals expressed in your scholarship application essay.  Decisions will be made by the Study Abroad Scholarship Committee in consultation with appropriate colleagues, such as the sponsor of the study abroad program and/or the Office of Student Financial Aid. 

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Additional Information

  • Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.  Unfortunately, the Study Abroad Scholarship Committee is unable to offer scholarships to all applicants.
  • The I4I Study Abroad Scholarship is designed to reduce rather than cover the entire cost of a recipient's study abroad program.
  • The Scholarship Committee plans to announce scholarship decisions for Fall Semester deadlines by mid-October and Spring Semester deadlines by mid-March.
  • Due to the large number of applications received, the Committee is unable to offer detailed explanations of individual scholarship decisions.
  • When you click "Apply Now" to begin an application, a message may pop up indicating that you may be charged a $25 fee to begin a new program application. This fee does not apply when creating a scholarship application.
  • Scholarships might be taxable to the recipient.  U.S. citizens, foreign national resident aliens for tax purposes, or permanent residents receiving scholarships will be sent a 1098T by the IRS.  It is the responsibility of the individual to determine whether an award is taxable and whether he or she must report it on a relevant income tax return. Non-resident aliens will be taxed on the payment, if required.
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Contact the International Scholarship Specialist by emailing

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Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Winter Study Tour 2015-2016 09/15/2015
10/09/2015 TBA TBA
Spring Semester 2016 09/15/2015
10/15/2015 TBA TBA
Calendar Year(SP/FA) 2016 09/15/2015
10/15/2015 TBA TBA
Winter Break 2015-2016 09/15/2015
10/15/2015 TBA TBA
Spring Study Tour 2016 10/01/2015
10/01/2015 TBA TBA
Summer Study Tour 2016 02/15/2016 02/15/2016 TBA TBA
Fall Semester 2016 02/15/2016 02/15/2016 TBA TBA
Summer 2016 02/15/2016 02/15/2016 TBA TBA
Spring Break 2016 02/15/2016 02/15/2016 TBA TBA
Academic Year 2016-2017 02/15/2016 02/15/2016 TBA TBA

Indicates that deadline has passed