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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for SAO Exchange: Spanish Studies in Granada.

Summer Budget Sheet for SAO Exchange: Spanish Studies in Granada

Budget Item
Unofficial budget: The attached budget below is based on estimates from a past term and is intended for planning purposes only.  Students will receive an official budget from their study abroad advisor for their specific program and term following their acceptance to study abroad.

Financial aid: For students receiving financial aid, the Unofficial Budget can be taken to the Office of Student Financial Aid for a Walk-in Advising Appointment in order to see how their package may be applied towards study abroad costs. However, please keep in mind that this is an unofficial review; students will submit an Official Study Abroad Budget form after their acceptance from their Study Abroad Advisor, which will then be used to formalize the processing of their aid. Please note that the unofficial review is done using your CURRENT financial aid package. Should your financial aid package change, the amount of aid you receive may change as well.

Summer 2016 unofficial budget for UIUC students: Unofficial_Granada UIUC SU16.pdf
Summer 2016 unofficial budget for UIC students: Unofficial_Granada UIC SU16.pdf
Summer 2016 unofficial budget for UW-Madison students: Unofficial_Granada_AESOP WISC_SU16.pdf

See below for information about the following:

* Paying for studying abroad and interpreting the attached budget -

* Scholarships -

* Financial aid -