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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Spring Semester Budget Sheet for BUS Exchange: Tsinghua University - SEM.

Spring Semester Budget Sheet for BUS Exchange: Tsinghua University - SEM

Budget Item Illinois Student, Exchange Program
Colleges and/or SAO Administrative Fees *   $1,525.00
CISI Insurance *   $127.00
Billable subtotal:  $1,652.00
Host University Tuition and Fees   $700.00
Host/provider Insurance Fee   $70.00
Housing   $4,200.00
Meals (full or additional)   $1,200.00
Books and Supplies   $425.00
Visa Processing and Immigration   $130.00
Roundtrip Airfare   $2,000.00
Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses   $3,000.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $11,725.00
Total: $13,377.00

In addition, you will pay University of Illinois Range IV Tuition, General Fee, and Other Fees.  For details, go to

Estimated cost:             $1,800  

Please note that the above total cost is based partially on estimates and addresses basic necessities and light to moderate social expenses only.  Costs can fluctuate as a result of changes in exchange rates, tuition increases, varying personal lifestyles, etc.                   

Study Abroad Advisor's name:      Christine Gozdziak OR Dan Anderson

Date:________________          Advisor's Signature:_____________________________________       
(Note:  this budget is not valid for financial aid purposes without advisor signature.)

Semester Abroad: ____________________

As a recipient of financial aid from the University of Illinois, I understand that it is my responsibility to report to the Office of Student Financial Aid all scholarships for study abroad that I receive from the University of Illinois and/or any other institution.                   
STUDENT NAME:  _______________________________________   UIN:  _________________

Student Signature:  _____________________________________  Date:  _________________   


Submit this form to the Office of Student Financial Aid, 620 E. John Street

If you have filed/will file for Student Financial Aid 


Sponsoring institution/univ. and Location:  Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management   
File ID: Tsinghua-Business Exchange 20160404
Agreement expiration:  April 4, 2016
Credit Hours: 12-18

* Billable item