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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Fall Semester Budget Sheet for ACES in Germany at UHOH in Stuttgart.

Fall Semester Budget Sheet for ACES in Germany at UHOH in Stuttgart

Budget Item Illinois Student, Exchange Program
Application Fee *   $100.00
Colleges and/or SAO Administrative Fees *   $500.00
International Insurance & Safety Fee *   $200.00
Billable subtotal:  $800.00
Host/provider Insurance Fee   $475.00
Housing   $3,000.00
Meals (full or additional)   $3,000.00
Books and Supplies   $100.00
Student Activity Fees and Excursions   $1,000.00
Local Transportation   $200.00
Passport and Photos   $144.00
Roundtrip Airfare   $1,110.00
Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses   $2,000.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $11,029.00
Total: $11,829.00

In addition, you will pay University of Illinois Range IV Tuition, General Fee, and Other Fees.  For details, go to      Estimated cost:             $1300

Please note that the above total cost is based partially on estimates and addresses basic necessities and light to moderate social expenses only.  Costs can fluctuate as a result of changes in exchange rates, tuition increases, varying personal lifestyles, etc.                   

 Study Abroad Advisor's name:        R. Oliver Ferguson 
Date:________________          Advisor's Signature:__________________________________________       
(Note:  budget not valid for financial aid purposes without signature of study abroad advisor.)
As a recipient of financial aid from the University of Illinois, I understand that it is my responsibility to report to the Office of Student Financial Aid all scholarships for study abroad that I receive from the University of Illinois and/or any other institution.                   
STUDENT NAME:  _______________________________________   UIN:  _________________

Student Signature:  _____________________________________  Date:  _________________   

Submit this form to the Office of Student Financial Aid, 620 E. John Street
ONLY If you have filed/will file for Student Financial Aid

Sponsoring institution/foreign univ. and Location:  University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany
File ID:      Hohenheim-ACES exchange 20120904
Agreement expiration:        June 2012
Prog. Term:  Fall 2017                       Cr. Hrs: 12-18 (ACES 299 or equivalent)
* Billable item